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Automotive Window Tinting in North Bay

Improve and enhance the look of your vehicle with automotive window tinting from Tintco in North Bay. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all your tinting needs. We have a stock of several tints and protective films to protect your vehicle from UV rays, stains and scratches. Call us to request a quote.

CS Dyed Tint

Superior quality and exceptional performance will enhance your driving experience and protect you from the sun’s heat and UV rays. Industry leading clarity for visibility and safe driving, making this the ideal window film for looking and keeping cool.


  • Bold tint with four shades to choose from
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays to protect you, your passengers and your vehicle interior
  • Signal friendly, GPS, satellite radio, cell phones and tire pressure
  • monitoring system
  • Excellent clarity and visibility
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Warranted against colour change

Ceramic Tint

With advanced nanotechnology, this performance film maximizes your driving experience and comfort. This has advanced infrared heat blocking properties that significantly reduce the total solar heat energy coming through your windows. It protects the vehicle's interior from fading and protects everyone from premature skin ageing.


  • Unmatched combination of high heat rejection and high visible light transmission
  • Maintains factory glass appearance
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Unprecedented clarity for unaltered visibility
  • Industry-leading for colour stability
  • Superior glare reduction
  • Signal friendly, GPS, satellite radio, cell phones and tire pressure monitoring system
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film gives you a peace of mind knowing your vehicle will look like new for years. Paint Protection Film is a tough, clear barrier that acts like body armour for your paint. It's an invisible layer that helps protect your paint against chips, scratches and stains caused by road debris, insects and more. With computer cut patterns and professional installation, we can provide complete and seamless coverage for the hood and/or other portions of your vehicle that you may be concerned with receiving damage.

Lens Tint

Lens film is a high quality, impact-resistant transparent film. It protects your vehicle's headlights from road debris and gravel that causes the sandblasted look and damage and keeps them looking like new. It also protects against UV inhibitors that cause cloudiness over time, which reduces night visibility. You can also style and protect your taillights with various tints and colours of lens films. We also do blackouts on auto headlights and taillights.

Automotive Wrap

Are you planning to add graphics or change the entire colour of your car? Upgrade the exterior of your vehicle with car wraps that are versatile, affordable and come in a variety of textures and finishes. Our products are also designed to give protection to the interiors and passengers from harmful UV rays. Whether you want to have a window tint, paint protection, print your business logo and design, we can do it all.

3M: The protection film from 3M cuts away UV rays, improves visibility, adds security and ensures a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Ceramic Coating

With the proprietary System X® Automotive Ceramic Protection technology, it’s easier than ever to protect the beauty of your car. All you need is a professional ceramic coating service provider. The ceramic coating interlocks its molecular structure with the surface molecules of paintwork, becoming an integrated part of the surface of your vehicle. It also prevents corrosives of all sorts and preserves the charm of your automobile.

You can choose from a wide range of ceramic coatings designed to serve all your unique needs:

  • Glass Ceramic Nano Coating: Protects your windscreen, mirrors, windows and more from micro-scratches and improves visibility
  • Interior Ceramic Nano Coating: Protects your fabric seats, leather, vinyl and other interiors from stains and spills
  • Revive Ceramic Nano Coating: Provides ultra hydrophobic properties and prevents UV fading
  • Max Ceramic Nano Coating: Provides great hardness, durability, and chemical resistance and appears super slick and glossy
  • Diamond Ceramic Nano Coating: Provides industry-leading slickness and high durability with a lifetime warranty
  • Pro Ceramic Nano Coating: A futuristic paint protection that offers colour enhancing gloss and exterior surface protection with 6 years warranty

Why Get a Ceramic Coating

Here are a few reasons for you to consider ceramic coating for your automobile: 

  • Application versatility
  • Long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance
  • UV ray protection 
  • Protection from harmful corrosives

Invest in Quality

Don't let the look and style of your vehicle fade away with time. Our protective films and tinting options are sure to keep your vehicle ahead in the game!

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